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Nickname Beakie
Join date Apr 19, 2004
Wikia name Beakerfan
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Beakerfan can't really remember how long she's been a member at MC. She either joined in 2004 or 2006, but for now we'll just call it a really long time ago. She's a quiet one, and spends most of her time on MC reading rather than speaking. However, she has been known to have a wild side....

Known to some as "Beakie", Beakerfan can be a bit naive and very much a romantic - she can often be found wearing fancy dresses, hanging on the arm of a handsome man. Past suitors have included the likes of Animal, Beaker, and Major Charles Emerson Winchester III of M*A*S*H. Beakie has also been known to pose as a leprechaun and as a werewolf. 

Beakerfan can generally be found in the Friends and Family section, but will also contribute to any other section when she feels she has something worth saying. She even once tried her hand at writing a fan-fic, entitled "The Isle of Meep". This story was, unfortunately, left off with a cliff-hanger that was never concluded. 

Beakie is a card-carrying member of MopFam.

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