Well-Known Member
Real name Casey Daron
Nickname Casey
Gender Male
Favorite production The Muppet Movie
Favorite character Sweetums, Gonzo, Rizzo
Join date Dec 29, 2010
Wikia name Geddylee98
Profile link link

CaseytheMuppet is a user on Muppet Central that first joined in December 2010. He had been lurking around the website since 2006 before joining the forums. His username is baced off of his Muppet Whatnot caracature of the same name. He can often be found in the crazy thread, the CCC, and the Muppet Smilies thread.


Casey plays Casey the Ogre in the Creature Calamity Club. Casey is a magician who was once raised by a wizard. He often passes out for no reason, and may have a certain unkown illness. Casey likes 80's rock music, including the bands KISS and Rush, much like the actual user. 

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