Well-Known Member
Real name Christopher
Nickname Charlie
Gender male
Favorite production Fraggle Rock
Favorite character Rowlf
Join date September 29 2011
Wikia name Charlietheowl
Profile link link

Charlietheowl has been a member of Muppet Central since September of 2011, and been a Muppet fan since the beginning of 2011. The first twenty or so years of his life were obviously wasted. He registered for the board in order to share his love for Fraggle Rock, but has since seen and become of a huge fan of other Muppet productions. His favorite Muppets are Rowlf, Beauregard, Sam, Sweetums, and Dr. Teeth, and his favorite Fraggles are Boober and Wembley.

He has completed two fan fiction pieces, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, which is about the adventures of the Muppet gang when they go off on their own for the summer, and Tell Me A Story, a one-shot about Fraggle Rock. He has one piece in progress, a story about Sam the Eagle and his family life called A Nest Divided. 

Outside of the Muppets, Charlie enjoys following sports (especially college football and the NFL), music (especially late 1960s and early 1970s rock), writing, and watching television. Some of his favorite TV shows are Regular Show, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, and Seinfeld.

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