Well-Known Member
Nickname Snowth, Snowthy, Snowthbo, Snowthers, Sneeblerz, too many others to name
Gender Male
Favorite production Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird
Favorite character Presently: Cookie Monster
Join date August 3, 2003
Wikia name D'Snowth
Profile link link

D'Snowth is a Muppet Central Forum member, he originally joined August 3, 2003, and is still presently active within the Muppet Central community; he is one of a very few of "MC Old-Timers" who is still involved with the forum on a regular basis.

One of D'Snowth's major accomplishments for Muppet Central was in 2005, when he served as head writer for the forum's newest sitcom, T*K*O (anacronym for Thread Killers Organization), a concept that was originally developed by close friend MrsPepper. T*K*O lasted for four seasons and 52 episodes from 2005 to 2007.

Rainbow Connection by SimanetteFan

Fan art

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