Dr. Teeth sitting
Active Member
Real name Laila Coria
Nickname DrD
Gender Female
Favorite production The Muppet Show
Favorite character Walter, Dr. Teeth
Join date 16 Jun, 2012
Wikia name Jack Sally Zero
Profile link link

DrDientes joined Muppet Central on June 16, 2012. Her username is the spanish of Dr Teeth. She used the spanish version of his name because the original was already taken .

Her two favorite Muppets are Dr Teeth and Walter. She loves Dr Teeth because she thinks he's the most laidback, mellow and profitable Muppet of all times. And, for her, Walter is the representation of all the Muppet fans (and he introduced the Muppets to her, too).


DrDientes plays Sally the Trumpet Fazoob in the Creature Calamity Club. Sally is an alien who spaceship crashed in the Earth. She loves flying around and all kinds of music. She usually fall asleep in the weirdest places and times.

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