|realname = Patrick Cowles

|gender = male

|favP = The Muppet Show

|favC = Fozzie Bear

|joindate = April 16, 2014

|wikia = muppetfan37

  Hello, people from MC! My real name is Patrick Cowles, but you guys may know that my screen name is fozzieisfunny. I hope to know a little bit about you guys, as I have become Muppet Central friends Kathy26, MUPPETFAN1976, and my new friend Dominicboo1.
  I have not been on Muppet Central for very long, but you will see that much of my own threads are fan fiction. I have a thread I made called Jim Henson's Death, which is to honor him. Once I get to my 200th view, I will post a new chapter. ( I am currently at 130.)
  My favorite Muppet is Fozzie Bear, because he tells jokes that aren't very funny, but he doesn't let anything bother him, except for Statler and Waldorf, and he always tries again.
  My favorite Muppet Show episode is Steve Martin, because Steve Martin gets so mad when he learns there is no show that night, and the whole audition plot is very funny. Also, one of the scenes got revived recently.
  I also love The Jim Henson Hour, unlike the ratings in 1989-1990. You know what's funny? Before I devoured Jim Henson: The Biography in about 10 days, I thought that show ended because of Jim Henson's death. The silly mistakes we make!
  I used to be scared of Gonzo when I was little. I would hide in the other room whenever my family watched anything with Muppets in them.
  My favorite sketch from The Muppet Show is The Rhyming Song. It's so unexpected of what happens, and their reactions of what happens is so funny. 
  I'm a huge fan of ToughPigs, The Muppet Mindset, and Muppet Central, and I check them daily.
  I hope that you just learned a little more about me.

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