Well-Known Member
Gender Male
Favorite character Beauregard
Join date Jan. 29, 2012
Wikia name Muppetfan
Profile link link

Hubert has been a member of Muppet Central Forum since January 29, 2012. Since the time he has been on the forum, he has come up with over 5000 posts and 1000 likes, and has participated in a multitude of forum activities, including the The Creature Calamity Club, Hensonville City, and MopFam.

Being immediately entranced by the ending of a Muppet movie from a very early age, Hubert has been a diehard Muppet fan for years. Despite only joining the forum more recently, he has also been a longtime Muppet internet lurker/reader, his Muppet internet activity dating back to at least 2003.

Hubert's favorite Muppet will forever be Beauregard. In fact, if longtime MC member Beauregard was not occupying that username, it most likely would have ended up as Huberts'. Other favorite Muppets include Scooter, Rowlf, and Link Hogthrob from the Muppets, Grover and Herry from Sesame Street, Gobo and Uncle Matt from Fraggle Rock, and his very notable fandom of Doc Hogg from Bear in the Big Blue House.

This Doc Hogg fandom has taken on new heights as of late, as beginning with the Christmas season, Hubert has begun using Doc Hogg avatars. Hubert is screenshotting Doc Hogg avatars nonstop since this began, and has a wide variety of general and seasonal Doc Hogg pictures stored on his computer.

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