Well-Known Member
Real name Marni Hill
Nickname Hillsy
Gender Female
Favorite production The Muppet Show
Favorite character Kermit the Frog

Over the short period of time that I have been a member, I have not only learned more about the Muppets, but more about myself as a person. As someone who is usually stubborn in her opinions, I have learned to accept other peoples views and values and appreciate them. Muppet Central is truly my home on the web.

I spend most of my time either observing or participating in current threads. I also enjoy diving into the archives to read member reviews of past Muppet projects to see what the vibe was like when they were freshly exposed to the new film, TV special or whatever.

Fan Fiction is also a great love of mine and it is reassuring that there are so many writers out there. I used to be a frequent browser and writer on and it was all the same authors and story-lines over and over. The variety on Muppet Central is exceptional and everyone should be proud of themselves.

I find myself trying to take an 'Adam Hills' approach to everything I do and say on the site. I'd like to have people feeling empowered rather than patronised after we have met and I only ever want someone's happiness to be affected in a positive way. That's all I want for me, so why not share it with others?

Happiness is pretty much guaranteed once you bring Muppets into a situation, don't you think? > -->

Also, Marni Hill got Baby Got Back stuck in her head after listening to a stellar playlist at age 17.

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