Mo Frackle
Well-Known Member
Nickname Mo
Gender Male
Favorite production The Muppet Movie
Favorite character All of them
Join date June 4, 2011
Wikia name Mo Frackle
Profile link link

Biography: Mo Frackle joined Muppet Central on  June 4, 2011. He's largely been involved in keeping one of his favorite threads, "I think I'm going crazy!!!!@@!@" (sic) alive. He's referred to the "crazy" thread (as it's often nicknamed by MC members) as "The only thread where you can actually get away with countless muffining".

His username derived from a seldom seen Muppet by the same name. His reason? "I wanted people to know that I wasn't an Average Joe who just found out who the Muppets were. They've always been a part of my life. To prove that, I decided to use the most obscure Muppet that came to mind as a username".


Mo Frackle (the Muppet, not the user) has an encounter with Nicky Holliday. Photoshopped by user Mo Frackle in honor of the Nicky Holliday Appreciation Thread

He loves all of the Muppets, and therefore finds it hard to choose a favorite. "My interest in the characters themselves has actually led me to practice writing as those characters. It's a nice way to really dig deeper into the Muppet's personalities, and what makes them tic. I often practice on the 'The Weekly Survey' thread. It's nice to try something a little different over there. Besides, if I answered a survey as myself, I doubt it would be that interesting".

He's also an aspiring puppeteer and graphic designer. As a 5'4 puppeteer, Mo once said, "It's interesting to puppeteer characters that are about the same height as you".

He currently (practically) resides in the Muppet Central Forums.

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