Please note that the MC Wiki is NOT ran by the staff of Muppet Central.

Current StaffEdit

Name Position Information
Phillip Chapman Webmaster/Administrator
Edwardo Castro-Chandri Moderator
Cindy Chapman Moderator Is married to Phillip

Retired/Innactive StaffEdit

Name Position Information
James V. Carroll Multimedia Design Designed all of MC's Banners and all of the official smilies. Has since retired from working on multimedia for MC. WebSite
Annika Abel Articles/Moderator Due to her busy life, she officially requested to be removed from her position as a moderator.
D. W. McKim Guides Even though he no longer works on writing the guides, he is still an active member of MC's forums.
Greg James News/Reviews Website
Kevin L. Williams Articles/Moderator Due to his busy life, he has not been active on the forum for several months.
Chris Smigliano Card Artist
Ken Plume Interviews

External LinksEdit

Staff Page

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