Member Pages

Anyone is free to create a page on the wiki describing you and your history on Muppet Central. You do not need an account to do so (though it is encouraged).

Game and Thread Pages

There are many, many threads on Muppet Central. Most of them do not deserve a wiki page. Pages about threads may be deleted by a staff member of he or she believes that the thread in question is not significant enough for it's own page. Generally, the following types of threads will be permited to have a page:

If you are unsure if a thread deserves a page, ask.

General forum pages

Pages describing forum events (i.e. Ringing of the Bells) and general forum stuff (i.e. MC Dictionary) should be thoroughly discussed before creating.

Fan Creations

Threads about your FanFics, FanFic characters, and fan art.

FanFics should be linked to in the FanFic Index, character pages should have "(character)" appended in the page name, as in "Zany (character)", and fan art uploaded to Category:Fan Art. Details here.

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