Muppet fan 123
Well-Known Member
Real name Mitchell
Gender Male
Join date June. 16, 2011
Wikia name Foozie Bear
Profile link link
 Muppet fan 123 joined Muppet Central on June 16, 2011. He is also known and preffered to be called by his real first name, Mitchell.  In the nearly two years that Mitchell has been lurking around the forum, he's been active in many threads and games, and can usually be found in the Crazy Thread and the 1000 Post Member Club. He is also an offical member of the CCC, even though he's bad at staying active in it. 

Wikia His Wikia username is Foozie Bear. He is somewhat active in the Muppet Wiki, Arrested Development Wiki, and the Disney Wiki.


In the Creature Calamity Club, Mitchell plays a Mummy who escaped from a city museum. After having met up with Hubert in the cabin, he is offered a room to stay in the apartment building. His powers are still unknown and are yet to be discovered.  

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