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Muppetlover123 has been a member since 2010 and expresses his love for the Muppets a lot. He has a lot of Muppets he likes in genereal, not just one. When the Kevin Clash acusations happened he inspired a lot of people to change there avatar pics to Elmo or Kevin Clash to show support. He got hooked on the Muppets from the 2008 show Studio DC: Almost Live. He has had his avater pictures before as Rowlf and Walter, Uncle Deadly, Amy Adams and Jason Segal, Eric Jacobson and Grover, and Scooter and David Rudman. He currently has 83 points as 12/4/12 and 274 as of 12/4/12 and 1,720 messages as of 12/4/12.

Favorite Muppets: Pepe, Walter, Lo-Co, Gonzo, Grover, Mahna Mahna and the Snowths, Johnny Fiama, Rowlf, Scooter, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Kermit, Bobo, Uncle Deadly, Sal, Clifford 

Recived 274 likes as of 12/4/12 at 3:36 pm 

Current Signature as of 11/23: "Your fans haven't left you, the world hasn't forgotten, all you got to do is show them again" - Walter

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