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Kelly, or RedPiggy, likes Red Fraggle and Miss Piggy the most, hence her username.  She's a nurse and loves to write fanfics, particularly of the fantasy franchises, such as Labyrinth.  She also likes to write Dinosaurs fanfics.  She is occasionally a guest in Hensonville, an RP group.  When she was a regular member, she would even write fanfics that tried to give the feel of what was going on that year.

You can find her fics on MC's FanFic Index thread.

Here's a rough list, though, in chronological order (story-wise):

  • The Mighty Megalosaurus (a prequel to the show Dinosaurs that chronicles how Earl met Fran)
  • Fridge Day (a short sort-of sequel to the Refrigerator Day episode, with the mammals plotting their revenge)
  • Dinosaurs:  Writer's Block (Robbie must write a story for school)
  • Fraggle Rock:  Elder Clan Adventures (takes place long before Fraggle Rock, in the 16th century)
  • Because I'm a Villain (set just before the Comeback King Saga and features Nick Holiday and Rachel Bitterman)
  • The Comeback King Saga (spanning much of the Hensonian universe, Jareth's ex-girlfriend plots revenge after the events of Return to Labyrinth from Jake T. Forbes)
  • Jareth's Summer Bash (a Hensonville fic)
  • And If That Diamond Ring Turns Brass (featuring Tinseltown's characters and others, exploring the nature of love)
  • Dinosaurs:  Casting Pearl (Earl's sister tries to make a new name for herself after being thrust into the present)
  • Silent Hensonville (a Hensonville fic, duh)
  • The Reunion (a Hensonville fic, I think)
  • Hensonville Theater Presents:  Dino and the Beast (a Hensonville fic)
  • I'm the One That Won (Skeeter and Red Fraggle compete on the Muppet Show)
  • Skeeter Rock (Skeeter goes into Fraggle Rock to explore where she might belong)
  • The Blossoming Fraggle
  • Maybe It's Not Too Late After All (an alternate universe fic)

She is currently working on From the Waters of the West I Come, which is set in the Kingdom of Moraine prior to the events of Return to Labyrinth, as Princess Mizumi discovers a darkness threatening her kingdom and to qualify as Queen, she must banish it. 

She also contributed to a Labyrinth Wiki

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