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Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
Visit Template:Infobox_member/doc to edit this documentation. (How does this work?)

To use this template, copy the code below and edit the fields. Note that this automatically adds the page to Category:Members.


Copy the following onto the page and fill in the blanks.

{{Infobox member
|image     = 
|rank      = 
|realname  = 
|nickname  = 
|gender    = 
|favP      = 
|favC      = 
|joindate  = 
|website   = 
|sitename  = 
|wikia     = 
|profile   = 
How to use

* denotes a required field

{{Infobox member
|image     = Placeholder (without the prefix)
|rank      = Member rank on MC forum (exact spelling) *
|realname  = Real name
|nickname  = Nickname
|gender    = Gender
|favP      = Favorite production
|favC      = Favorite character
|joindate  = Join date *
|website   = Your website (full URL)
|sitename  = Name of website (URL will be displayed instead if left blank)
|wikia     = Wikia user name *
|profile   = Profile URL (only use name.number part) *

Note: If you want to link favP and favC to Muppet Wiki, use [[w:c:muppet:page name|page name]].

For instance
{{Infobox member
|image     = Example.jpg
|rank      = Active Member
|realname  = John Doe
|nickname  = Johnny
|gender    = Male
|favP      = [[w:c:muppet:The Muppet Show|The Muppet Show]]
|favC      = [[w:c:muppet:Kermit the Frog|Kermit the Frog]]
|joindate  = Apr. 1, 2012
|website   =
|sitename  = Muppet Central
|wikia     = Wikia
|profile   = johndoe.31415
...results in
Infobox member
Active Member
Real name John Doe
Nickname Johnny
Gender Male
Favorite production The Muppet Show
Favorite character Kermit the Frog
Join date Apr. 1, 2012
Wikia name Wikia
Website Muppet Central
Profile link link

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