I have put in a new navigation system for member pages. I have edited all existing member pages to include it. For future pages, Copy and paste, including the brackets, {{Memlinks}} at the start of the page. All other templates and text should be put after it.

Four links are automatically created. If you click on a link, you will be given the option to create that page. The page will already be named and once created will automatically link back to your member page.

Fan Art: Self explanatory. Creates a page for you to put your art.

FanFics: This creates a page that allows you to make your own index of all of your FanFics. You can create a list and link to your fanfics, whether they are hosted here or on the forums.

Puppetry: For people who make puppets or own puppets, they can use this page to showcase their puppetry work. Videos are able to be embedded if they are uploaded to youtube first.

Collection: Here you can list all the muppet stuff you own and post pictures of it.

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